Clay Shed’s Crowdfunder

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To help progress Clay Shed and make it the best we possibly can (we really need to update our heating system!) we decided that a CROWDFUNDER page would be a great opportunity to boost the pennies and help promote the studio. We’re not asking for free money (although there is a donate option if you want to do just that). We’re offering limited edition prices on a whole range of courses, workshops and one off clay experiences.

We’d love you to be part of making Clay Shed the best it can be. Go on and have a gander. You have until December 17th 2018.

Some of our rewards….

Limited Edition Left Handed Clay Shed Mug


Too long have our left handed brothers and sisters been forced to drink from slogan adorned mugs legible only for the right handed. We'll transfer your witty, loving or damn right abusive musings onto one of our limited edition Clay Shed mugs and make it readable for the left handed user.

A Range of Taster Throwing Sessions.

From £50

Taster throwing session for beginners on the potters wheel. We'll fire and glaze your best piece. Sessions last for 1 hour.

‘Bull in a China Shop’ Experience


A once in a lifetime opportunity to recreate that famous simile ‘you’re like a bull in a china shop’. We’ll replicate an authentic china shop at our studio and give you the opportunity to vent your anger on a range of ceramic wares to a soundtrack of your choice. We suggest an initial consultation to discuss the finer details of this experience. Includes: hammer, goggles and horns.